Re: png export has crazy colors

Mark Ivey wrote:
Hey, I just upgraded from Fedora Core 3 to Ubuntu 5.04 and command-line
export no longer works.  Exporting from the GUI still works fine, but
exporting from the command line (still inside X) gives this error
message (many times) and the exported file has lots of crazy colors
instead of being monochrome.

$ dia -e server_classes.png server_classes.dia
** (dia-python:22455): WARNING **: Can't color_convert in
non-interactive app (w/o color_init())

I found a few debian users with this problem, but no solution other than
use libart.  Any idea how I can get this working without using libart?

search in the archives of this ML all posts I wrote, and various answerse I got ...
The from email is: dhp_dia on domain

Ih was between march 2005 and june 2005.

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