Re: Asked before, now again with more questions attached

Hi, all. This is my first post to the list.

Am Donnerstag, 9. September 2004 17:10 schrieb Jim Clark:
If I choose Center (my
usual choice) it aligns them against some intermediate, self-determined
meridian. I do not see where/how/if I can specify (and cannot really
imagine how such thing would be specified) to say Align Item B with Item

Just use "vertical"->"top" (select both objects before). "top" or "bottom"
the upper or lower border, center uses the center of each object. (or
"horizontal", if you want them to be in a row. You see, makes sense :-) )

I have an example that isn't quite solved by that. Say I have a flow chart
which has 4 columns. I want to spread those 4 columns evenly, so after
selecting the widest element from each column I ask for horizontal
spreading. Now, I need to center the rest of the elements in each column
to the middle of the element selected (the widest) in the column. In this
case, neither "horizontal -> center" or "left" or "right" or any
combination will do what I expect.


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