Re: auto-scaling text dia .94

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 13:53:07 +0200, Tomas Mezger <tomz mytum de> wrote:

i'm usig dia .94 under kde and FC2.

i love dia, it's a very good program and i'm glad that's coming forward! :-)
as i'm not a programmer (only latex :-)! ) i can't check out the sources
and so on...

i'm having a big problem with text in dia, because dia resizes the text
as he whants... sometimes i only have a very tiny text and if i add a
space on the text, it returns to the normal size. if i remove the space,
it is tiny again.

later, i had to remove the space to see the text in the original size,
because with the space it was tiny again...  this was only an example,
of how it plays sometime.

i actually don't care of how big the text is, because i export it to
*.tex and i have to modify all the lines from the exported files from
{\scalebox{1 -1}{Sonnenenergie}}
{\scalebox{2.5 -2.5}{Sonnenenergie}}

but i have to know how bit it is in order to see if it is centred and so

Isn't it enough to set the text to be centered?  Or does the .tex
export not support that?

is this a problem other people also have? or just using kde? is it going
to be fixed? :-)

This is a known problem that we're trying to get a handle on, but it's
slippery.  If you can send me the diagram this happens with, I'll see
if I can reproduce it and debug it.  I've seen it myself, but didn't
have time to debug then.  Don't really have time now, either, but I
can try to make some time.


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