Re: sequence diagram support

Ing. Jiri Biba schrieb:
Dear developers of Dia,

thank you for you product, it's usefull in many ways. However, if you thought of upgrade, it would be pleasant if Dia supported sequence diagrams as well.
Take it as a comment and an idea for a further development.

Best regards,
Ing. Jiri Biba

I don't know what version of dia you use, mine does support sequence diagrams. It is a bit tricky to cope with more than one activity focus per life line (just overlay them *g*) and needs some time to make messages look synchronous (straight forward horizontal, due to fixed/discrete connection points), but afterall I'm able to draw sequence diagrams.

Did I mix up something or is my sequence diagram (objects in horizontal line, vertical lifelines with rectangular boxes on them, cute crosses for destructions, pretty arrows for messages) different from yours?

Maybe sub-activities (call from one activity focus of object A to a sub-activity of the origin focus, maybe to illustrate recursion or stacking of method calls) are a point to do something. But everyday-sequence diagrams already look fine.

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