Re: Putting some prefix to the mailing-list mails?

Alan Horkan wrote:

There are many other things you can also filter on other than the subject
line (various mail headers, the footnote that is always included, etc).

FWIW; unfortunately I discovered the other day that not all mail clients are very flexible about this. Sadly I don't remember exactly which client it was (could have been a former KMail version for Linux, some Netscape, or some web-based service), but anyway I was only allowed to choose from a VERY limited set of headers in the filtering setup.

While I'm not personally very fond of these "prefixes" myself, this would be an incentive to introduce such extra markup anyway. (Like the use of "Reply-To" is also a similar issue of great disagreement.)

I suggest that if one absolutely feels the urge to include such extra "tags", perhaps one should consider it as a suffix instead. That way at least this is the first part that is hidden from subject columns not wide enough.

I would encourage people to use more descriptive subject lines, think
of it as a summary and if you can describe the gist of the whole message
in just one line then please do.

Some tips about this also in


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