Re: Font sizing (was Re: [dia] Windows created diagrams are no longer readable)

At 20:11 17.05.04, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 15:19, Hans Breuer wrote:
> At 14:14 14.05.04, Lars Clausen wrote:
> >On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 22:15, Federico Maggi wrote:
> > >       hi,
> > > I am sorry if some similar post already exists.
> > >
> There were many posts, but none of them had such a misleading subject yet ;)
> [For me "are no longer readable" sounds like a much more serious problem
> than just some size mismatch.]

Most of those were the Pango 1.2.4+ problem, where fonts indeed did get

Yeah, but there is also stuff like :

In general there were (and always will be) issues with font matching between different backends/formats/engines. Usually not so bad as in the Pango 1.2.4 case - or the current case where some magic scaling approximation is broken again.


> Loading the file with 0.93(Pango/win32) shows some small deviation, some
> few percent as expected. But loading the same file into .93(Pango/FT2)
> shows that the boxes - and thus the reported text length - are about 30%
> smaller. To me this looks like an unacceptable regression - I simply have
> too much diagrams done with 0.90 ...

Eeek!  First thing I think about there is the magic 70% size reduction
that we introduced with Pango in the first place.  Always hated that
thing, 'cause I totally didn't understand it.  Ugh.  Maybe we will have
to have a 0.93-1 after all.

IIRC there was some explanation of it in lib/font.c having to do with 72 dpi, 100 pixel huge fonts (Dia's original master font size) and maybe Dia's 20 pixels are a centimeter. OTOH it may have been completely bogus ;-)


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