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Le Wed, May 05, 2004, à 12:02:13PM +0200, nicosoftcorp free fr a écrit:
Hello !
Sorry for my english, I'm french.

Heh, no problem. You're fairly understandable (or maybe my French
neurons are automatically filling the gaps that the the (more recently
trained) English neurons left ;-) )

I would like to create links between objects which are on different layers.
But it is difficult to understand sources because they are not commented.
Have you methods to suggest me to do it? Files concerned?

Is it really possible to implement this function for Dia ?

Apparently Lars was saying last week or so, that it wouldn't be too
difficult from a technical point of view. The challenge is in making
this in a way that makes sense from a UI point of view (I think one of
the suggestions was to decouple the "visible" and "active" layer
attributes, kind of like in GIMP).

I see in archives in 1999 that Ben Hochstedler had worked on this probleme. did
he make a success ?

I'd guess not, or he did not contribute it, or we (sadly) ignored him
when he did.

        -- Cyrille

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