Re: Dia Image Copyrights

I always wondered how the GPL applies to templates and data and other non
'source code' items.  The clear intent of the developers is for documents
to be freely used for any purpose and Dia has been previously used by
other book authors.  Does anyone know how exactly this works?  Should we
add a specific GPL exception for the Dia templates?

I had a feeling there was a GPL variant which dealt specifically with 
graphics and designs, althought a quick google didn't bring anything up.

If you tell us what shapes you are using we might be able to contact the
original author to get specific assurances

The images I'm using are all in the "Network" menu: "Monitor", "Computer", 
"Stackable Hub or Switch".

Knowning that Dia has been used for book illustrations in the past should 
be sufficient, I think. If there had been any legal problems, I'm sure 
they would have surfaced by now, and would have come to the attention of 
the Dia developers.

Thank you all for your help,

Peter Smith

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