Re: Centering Objects (was: Re: help wanted, trying out a few ideas for post 0.94)

On Sat, 2004-07-17 at 11:31, Hans Breuer wrote:
At 19:57 16.07.04, anthonym overture com wrote:
One question for the group, is it possible to access alignment operations
via the python scripting?  I'd love to have a keybinding which would do
the equivalent of aligning 2 objects middle and center.  I often do this
in order to get boxes of text, I'll draw the object, draw the text centered,
then align center and middle (via many menu dives), finally group them.

If the scripting would allow me to automate this sort of action, or if
I've completely missed something and there's some easier way to do it
I'd love to find out.

See the attached script. Implementing some alignment is pretty easy (I think).
There is no need to implement some some "alignment ops" in the bindings 
[what ever this means ;]. Everything to accomplish the task was already there.
Only it is lacking the ability to undo at the moment ...

How hard would it be to generally make the Python primitives
undo-aware?  It's annoying that scripted changes can't be undone, and it
seems to me that it's just a question of creating the undo object and
calling that instead of calling the underlying function directly.

Or did I ask you this already?  Must be getting tired.


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