Re: Sequence Diagram in UML, again

I mean that in the mailing list of May 2002, there is a patch to improve the lifeline of dia, but why it was not added to the cvs?
I just think if it is added, all people in the world will enjoy the lifeline. ^_^
Thank you,

Lars Clausen 写道:
On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 02:47, kennywang wrote:
Hello, everybody

I searched in the mailing list archive, and found that there's a
thread of "Sequence Diagram in UML" on 23 May 2002. But the problem is
not solved ,yet. And now is 16 Feb 2004!!!
I still can't draw a multi-control boxes correctly in the newest
Anyone can explain it?

Yes, easily:  Noone with a sufficient interest has had the time to code
it yet.  Remember Dia is done on a volunteer basis entirely.  Bugs we
will look into, but enhancements are on a first-itching-first-scratched
basis.  We're happy to accept patches, though.

I for one would be willing to code specific things for money, but of
course only things that I would accept as patches in the first place
(e.g. not turning Dia into a word processor:)  But please don't berate
us for not having implemented your favorite enhancement for free.


P.S.  I'm transitioning my mail over from lrclause cs uiuc edu, this is
my new address.  Hopefully this will improve my bug handling, as I no
longer will have to read by by running an Emacs remotely across the
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