Re: Area select inside objects


On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 12:55, Dmitry Perfilyev wrote:

 Is it possible select group of objects inside another objects ?
In other words: I have big rectangle which occupy many screens.
And inside this rectange there are a lot of other objects.
When I try to select some area inside this rectangle - I move
this big rectange. And cann't select. Not with Ctrl, Alt or any
other keys. "Area select" can be made if only select begin
in free area - that not belong any object.

*If* your "big rectangle" is meant to be a frame for your diagram, then
you may put it on a separate layer (which is semanticaly meaningful) so
you wont select it at all while working on your diagram's layer.


   Dmitry Perfilyev
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