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On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 prologic shortcircuit net au wrote:

Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 17:15:50 +1000
From: prologic shortcircuit net au
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Subject: Shape Request

Hi All,

I haven't posted very much to this list, I guess I only watch :) DIA is
a wonderfull diagram editing tool for linux!

Thanks (but Dia is a _cross platform_ application :)

I do however have a small request of anyone that's up for the challenge.
I have tried for such a very long time but have failed.

Were you trying to do this as a programmed shape or an drawn shape (I'm
thinking it has to be the former)

I need the following shape/s created so I can use DIA for my Software
Engineering course instead of resorting to some 3rd part windoze

(Windows, and there you were above limiting Dia to just Linux!)

If you could tell us the name of the third party windows software and
maybe provide screenshots of the functionality you would like to try and
get into Dia.

There are enough computer scientists around that it would if you could
tell us the science this is supposed to represent or if it is some part of
SDL or UML or something like that.
If we better understood the concept that you wanted to represent there
might be an easier (and therefore better) way to do it.

Maybe your description is enough for some one else to work off of but I am
having difficulty understanding what you mean.

It would probably also be a good idea to file this request in Bugzilla.

I would every be so greatfull if someone would do this for me.

You might get lucky but most likely people will do their best to help you
do this for yourself rather than just doing it for you.


Alan Horkan

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