Re: Connection points at the end of lines?

On 11 Dec 2003, David Fallon <davef d2 com> wrote:
Also, more keybindings would be awesome! I find myself hitting "delete"
a lot and getting annoyed if it doesn't work, or having to go into the
menu to toggle between snap-to-grid or no. 

This is actually a GTK feature, of the "easy if you know how" type.  

Use your mouse to highlight the menu item to which you'd like to bind a
key.  (It's easier if you click _and release_ on, say, the View menu.) 
When you have "Snap to Grid" highlighted, instead of clicking, press the
key combination you want to use.  

However, in GTK2 apps (which includes Dia), you have to do this first,
before starting Dia:

        $ echo gtk-can-change-accels=1 >> ~/.gtkrc-2.0



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