Re: Stopping the plague on Dia list

Le Mon, Feb 02, 2004, à 10:08:30AM -0700, Mark Crane a écrit:
Not if each patch was labeled "patch_dia_xxxx.jar" or whatever.

a .jar ??? a DOT JULIET ALPHA ROMEO ???

Whaaaa. Why do we need to pull Java stuff (which isn't much different
from a plain zip file, by the way) here?

Ever heard about discussing patches sent as a unidiff patch with a MIME
type of text/plain?

Jar files in that context can't possibly work.

Now, if I could tighten the mailman, so that it just rejected dubious
e-mails, instead of keeping them aside for human review, it would
already increase our well-being by several factors.

        -- Cyrille


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