diaV0.94-good but some bugs

Olaf Scheidt                                         20.08.04
OScheidt gmx de

Dear Dia-Team,

I hope you understand my english.
The Dia Tool is very great.
My professors are really impressed what your developed tool can do. 
I have used it for a network presentation at my university here in

I use the Version Dia V0.94 and have covered some bugs:
1. You cannot apply to a selected group of classes UML/Classes the same font
    Only the last selected one changes.
2. When do you want to reload a diagram all font properties to the
UML/Classes objects are gone.
    You have to edit each Class Diagramm separately to change the font
properties where it was
     before you have saved it.



Olaf Scheidt
OScheidt gmx de

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