Re: new icons tools

I have done some change to the icons to fit the style of the tools in dia. Also
change the zoom tools to use the same as gimp 2.0. I don't have found a cursor
gnome stock icons for the modify icons. Tell me what you think about this

the name of the file attach in bugzilla is also tar.bz2


On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 06:32, Steffen Macke wrote:
>Am I being overly optomistic or are you saying that you have done work
>towards implementing the Icon Theme specification and
>that we can choose from different themes?  (because that would be

I don't know about the Icon Theme specification, but the 
patch allows dia to
use .png icons for the complete toolbox. Everybody who's able to create 
24x24 pixel .pngs
will be able to create his own dia "theme".

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