Re: Re: troubles compiling.

From: Andrew Ross <aross westnet com au>
Date: 2004/08/30 09:32:27 GMT+09:00
To: discussions about usage and development of dia <dia-list gnome org>
Subject: Re: troubles compiling.

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 06:46, whitty reeve wrote:
Simple logic could have figured out all your questions.

I wonder if I'm the only one who thought this email to be quite rude.

Thanks Andrew,
I think so, and I believe there are someone else care about that.
But let's go back to the problem as you did.

There were two wrong point in my mail where Whitty and Andrew 
First, though I should write the word Distribution, I didn't because I wonder if Whitty is a newbie and 
doesn't know the word.
 OS: obvious, by the 
fact that i'm compiling it, it would be a *nix, now, that we have singled it 
down to a bsd (save darwin and a few others {i believe it's safe to say that i 
don't use them}) or linux. Does that matter? I doubt it.

You might be using Cygwin, for some strange reason. Instead of OS, he
probably should have said "distribution" (see below).

 Second: Compiler: 
again, my error message i don't think spawns from a compiler error rather 
than a missing library.

I concur.

Second, this is my mistake. If he haven't correctry installed -dev package, some error precede, like "'png.h' 
wasn't found" or something.

 but if you had looked 
at the error message i think you would have made the connection between 
libart and my error.

If you knew that, you should add them to your E-mail.
It is the fastest way to find the solution.

Now I know you are not a newbie, I think the fastest way
for you is to answer Andrew's question below.

What distribution are you using, and is there a good reason for not
using the distribution-provided packages?




Takeshi Hamasaki

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