Re: Changing the user interface language


However, I would like to keep using English as with
the previous versions. How can I achieve that?

You have three possibilities to change the interface language:

* Delete the folder dia-installation-directory/lib/locale and its contents.
This will leave you only with the default locale (English)

* Set the environment variable "LANG" to "en". How to do this depends
on your operating system

* create a batch file to start dia that sets the LANG environment variable.
Place it in dia-installation-directory/bin. Contents should
be similar than this:

set LANG=en
dia.exe %1 %2 %3 %4

The next dia installer should allow not to install the translations and
include a dia version that takes over the language selected during
the installation process (Unless overwritten by a LANG environment
variable setting).

Hope this helps


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