Re: 0.94 released


I usually use dia under Linux. Today I have given
a try to dia-0.94 for Windows, and I found it much
better in rendering fonts than previous versions
(<=0.91), and the Chinese characters are correctly
displayed. But I ran into troubles when trying to
export to eps (with embeded fonts), dia
always crashed, on both win98 se2 and winxp home
(simplified chinese version), either the diagram
contained Chinese characters or not. Export to png
and printing worked, but when printing to a PS file
(HP Color LaserJet), and the thickness of lines
seemd to be ignored and the lines were all too thin.
I know that the developpers have no means to test
dia with a Chinese Windows system, and I seldomly
use Windows. Does anyone else encounter similar
problems on Windows for other languages?



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