UML Export or transform to XMI?

This is a dia feature request, or a request for anyone who has an existing
hack that can get the job done.

Need: Convert dia UML diagram to XMI format. Save as format or python/XSLT
transforming script, either one would be great.

Dia's UML shapes seem quite good. I was able to reproduce a representative
section of a large UML diagram for an open-source program, done in
Poseidon. The text was a little funky, but the shapes worked perfectly.

The output of Poseidon is XMI, an XML standard for UML representations.
The XMI feeds a python source code generator for a web application
framework (ArchGenXML->Archetypes->Plone).

It seems that Dia's UML can get the job done, but the native Dia format
can't be used to feed XMI-compatible tools.

Unfortunately, Poseidon and its progeny/ancestors are Java GUI
applications. I avoid java GUI applications wherever possible, I don't
even have a JRE installed.

AFAICT, Dia would be the only native graphical XMI generating
free-software. Here's hoping XMI export can be added to Dia someday.

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