RE: Release 0.94 waiting to go out

Take your time. You can't rush art! :-)

No, but you can bloody well rush the stupid computers and tele companies. 
Grrr... while we're waiting, I can tell you a bit about my work in
progress:  I've been looking a bit at using the GTK 2.4 file requester
(which is a lot better than the previous one) when available.  I've
started some work on the infamous PROP_LIST, but there's new ways to do
things in it that I haven't figured out how to handle yet.  Finally, I'm
changing the text input somewhat (not as radically as I expected) so you
can tab between input fields, the active object is highlighted, and an
object can have more than one input field.  I leave it to your imagination
what can be done with that.


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