Re: From private to public

Well, that did it. I did not have such a file, so just copied the .gtkrc-1.2 file to .gtkrc-2.0 and there is my palette!

This is a huge help to me! Thanks so much, and thanks as well for taking the time to persist in working through my ignorance.

I really wish I could return all the assistance anonymous folks have given me, but instead I've created web sites about unknown 50's and 60's American folk musicians, so I'm educating someone else.

But I sure appreciate all your help.


Jim Clark
Other well-known Jim Clarks (since someone asked)
Founder (or major honcho) of Netscape and SGI
1960's Scottish race driver, killed in a crash about 1966
The guy who owed everyone money a few years ago and made my answering machine work much harder than usual

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