Re: Unresolved questions

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 20:34, Jim Clark wrote:
I am:
1) A new list member
2) A neophyte flowcharter
3) A Linux very-un-power user
4) Quite familiar with GIMP
5) Not a programmer in any way
6) Using Dia 0.93 on RH 9

-> When showing my boss the beauties of Dia, he wondered about a
dropshadow on the chart, which the flowcharts he has been given as
models have. We can live without it, but I see the discussion came up
two years ago and disappeared. Is there a way to do it, either
exporting as a layered image or a transparent png or within the
program itself? (I notice the splashscreen has a drop shadow.)

There's not really an easy way to do it.  The splashscreen is an
artistic impression:)  A way to make the background of PNGs (optionally)
transparent would be nice.  It shouldn't be impossible, but I can't see
the right way to do it (in lib/dialibartrenderer.c or app/export_png.c).

-> When I try to toggle the Snap to Grid function I click the off,
apply, and OK, but it does not work. I can shut down Dia and restart
it and the change will take effect, but doe snot in the same session.
Is there some other step? Known problem? Something I'm missing?

The Preferences setting is only for new diagrams.  For existing
diagrams, use the View->Snap To Grid menu item, or (in recent enough
versions) the little toggle button in the bottom of the diagram.


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