font scaling

Hi all,
first, thanks for a great software, I used to draw diagrams in xfig, but dia 
is definitely more suitable for what I need.

However, I still have troubles producing a reasonable file to include in 
If I am right, there are basically 4 export filters I can use:
(i) pstricks, (ii) metapost, (iii) eps Latin-1, and (iv) eps Pancho.

I have tried all of them and I got 4 significantly different results.
(i) pstricks: fonts are at typed using default latex font without any scaling

I have got the impression that the command \setfont{} in the pstricks filter, 
is not used at all. I mean, the empty command is used.
In Dia FAQ, there is a line:
 "unless you have a PSTricks with this functionality implemented"
I was trying to find a pstricks with defined \setfont but I failed.
Is there any such version?

(ii) metapost, scale of the fonts is way too big if _scale_ in the Page_setup 
dialog is not 100%, even then, sometimes, trivial changes in the document 
trigers change of the font scaling to 2x bigger, etc.
(BTW, ellipse looks awful in this export)

(iii), (iv) does not produce formulas, but especially the Pancho variant is 
close to what I see in Dia.

Did I miss something, or should I fill a bug report?

All this seems to be related to scaling of the whole document.
What are the basic units "1" for the grid? 
I like the idea that everything is relative to that measure, but I can not 
figure out, to what it is relative. Grid "1" with 100% scaling gives about 15 
horizontal grid point per A4 page. It seem to me like a very coarse grid...



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