Re: Memory leak finally down

Today I downloaded dia-0.94-pre5;  
---  It seems to have a serious problem, at least in my computer, so I think 
important, for all of us, someone else verify it: SVG shapes using "path" or 
"polygon" look really bad. For example, in the flowchart sheet, delay.shape, 
display.shape, document.shape magdisk.shape ...  
---  Also, I can see sheet's and shapes' names in my language(Spanish), but 
menu's items are in English. 
--- Finally I could use the Sheets and Objects menu; but next time I called 
 app/  the sheets and object menu appears without having been 
called (may be i did not used it right). 
Thanks one more ... 
On Mon, 02 Aug 2004 22:15:39 +0200, Lars Clausen wrote 
I found the missing unrefs and did some rearrangement in the layout 
cache, so the memory leak bug 148141 seems to be gone new.  New pre5 
with this fix is at No known major  
issues, so if nothing comes up, this will be 0.94 in a week. 
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