Feature request

Hello everybody,

I'm a quite new user to Dia, which I like very much. I found it so powerful
that I suggest to some of my user in production environment to use it, on
Win32. There's only one thing missing cruelly, the possibility to make an
hyperlink on a objet in the diagram. I saw that someone talked about that
previously (see:
http://mail.gnome.org/archives/dia-list/2002-April/msg00053.html for more),
but it seems that nothing has been done since.
My users would like to make hyperlink between diagrams. I think it can be a
powerful. And more can be done, as I agreed with Cyrille. I can't do it
myself (netadmin, and php programmer, not more), so anyone can tell me it
something like this can, will be done and when?



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