Re: Resizing elements to fit text

On 27 Oct 2003, Filip Miletic wrote:

This is a feature(?) I noticed in all Dias so far. Consider an
element, say a circle that can host a text inside. Many Dia library
objects are similar.

As you type the text in, the size of the element changes, it stretches
to accomodate more letters. If however you change your mind and start
deleting, the size of the element stays the same, whereas it should
probably shrink so that the text is still tightly fit.

Just thought I'd share this with you.

I guess they should do the same kind of thing as the zig-zag line with
autorouting -- autoresize as long as the user hasn't change the size
manually.  Otherwise, how would the object know whether the user has made a
specific size or not?  Right now, it must just make sure the text doesn't


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