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Hi again,

after checking out some more aspects, I noticed the xslt plugin... As this 
already seems to have the capability of translating to c++, I figure this 
might be suitable for translating to my own XMI file as well...

However, there seems to be something wrong: the generated *.code file is 
always empty... If, for example, I've got a Diagram with nothing but a UML 
class, and try to save and export it, I don't get any errors, but just an 
empty file...

Any ideas?



On Monday 27 October 2003 07:55, Lars Clausen wrote:
On 26 Oct 2003, saintiss gmx net wrote:

I'd like to be able to create UML Activity Diagrams where inside the
activities, UML collaboration diagrams can be drawn... How difficult
would it be to extend Dia in order to do this?

Pretty easy -- you just need to have the Activity object allow parenting
(and more flexible resizing).  You may need the label to be movable instead
of determining the box size.

Also, I'd like these diagrams to be saved in a self-made XMI format...

That's just a question of writing an export filter.  Takes a little more
programming, but shouldn't be hard if you know your XMI.  Look to the xfig
export filter for a simple & up-to-date example.

Would this be possible/feasible to program in a relatively short time?

Should be.


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