Re: Dia comments...

On 24 Oct 2003, Nicholas Palmer wrote:

Hey all,

I am new to Dia and am quite impressed. Nice work folks!

Thank you!

I noticed however that comments are only a single line. I am looking at
modifying dia2code to output the comments and would really like to have
multi-line comments in the output. Is this something that dia has plans
for and is actively being worked on or would a contribution of this be

It's not something that's been mentioned before, but I see how it'd be good
for embedded JavaDoc etc.  It shouldn't be hard, you just have to make sure
that old diagrams can still be loaded.  There's already a working
multistring property.

The long term goal is to be able to generate the schema and all my EJBs
from the UML diagram, which means I need to document the Xdoclet tags
for the EJBs in the comments section.

That's quite a goal.  There was also talk about getting the property
widgets needed to make the UML objects be fully StdProp compliant, but I
haven't heard anything from that for a while.


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