0.92 released!

Yes, it's finally here.  Released on a Monday, no less, after month and a
half of release cycle.  You can pick it up at 


Object developers please note:
This update contains a binary compatibility change.  Your objects will need
to be recompiled and some prototypes changed (*_move_handle in particular).

For the record, here's the main new things in this update:

* Autorouting of orthconn lines.  Still fairly primitive, doesn't avoid
  objects, but at least goes the right way out of connectionpoints (when
  connectionpoints have their dirs set).
* Parenting.  Objects can now be set to be parents of others (so far, only
  the UML Large Package is set so by default).  Objects created into these
  or explicitly added are moved with the parent and cannot be moved
* Dynamic grid that changes with zoom scale.
* Grid now has thicker line every n lines (default 5).  Stippled grid
  option removed.
* ESC and Enter now usable for exiting properties dialogs.
* Mouse wheel(s) can be used to scroll and zoom. 
* When using menu bar, middle button pans the diagram.
* Documents now remember if they were compressed or not when loaded.
* Documents are always prettyprinted, to allow CVS.
* More diagram properties can be set for existing diagrams, and are loaded
  and saved.
* UML Component features:  Event sources and sinks.
* Improved undo of grouping and ungrouping.
* Ensure loading of fonts and (semi-)correct DPI setting for Pango.
* Use $PRINTER correctly in print dialog.
* Use Win32 PS font EPS rendering on Unix as well, to allow the various
  manipulation tools to work.
* Libart rendering is back on win32.
* Allow choosing the export format explicitly when multiple possibilities
* Updates of the Python plugin:
  - groups, rgb, and images can be manipulated
  - better svg parsing
* XFig arrow head import and export, correct dash lengths, comment handling
* Now remembers the last selected sheet.
* Better Metapost output, with images.
* Gnome and Gnome HIG conformance better.
* Better text alignment in flowchart objects.
* Window positions are now remembered from run to run.
* Standardization of error messages and shape descriptions.
* Better SVG export.
* Better arrow head calculations.
* More tooltips.
* Snap to grid icon in status bar.
* Opens a new diagram if Dia is started with a non-existing file as argument.
* Updated man page.
* Change to CHM manual format for Windows.
* A number of various bugs fixed.

It looks much more impressive this way.  Have fun!


Lars Clausen (http://shasta.cs.uiuc.edu/~lrclause)| HÃrdgrim of Numenor
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