Re: WMF export on non-win32

On 17 Oct 2003, W. Borgert wrote:
As far as I know WMF export is available on win32 platform
only.  If so, please do sth. like:

#ifdef G_OS_WIN32

instead of


Indeed.  However, there's a few more things that are optional, for instance
the eps-pango is only available with freetype2 installed.

[moments later]

Yowie!  Having that long a field triggered *something* in popt formatting:

bash-2.05b$ ./ -h
Usage: lt-dia [OPTION...] [FILE...]
  -e, --export=OUTPUT                                                                            %.0-18s
                                                                      Export loaded file and exit%.0-18s
                                                                                       format %s
                                                                     Can't find output format %s

Guess it can't go in there right now:(

This would close Debian bug #213171.
Btw., why is this string translatable?

I do not know.  There's really no reason for it to be.


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