Re: Mysterious(?) errors with dia-0.91

On 13 Oct 2003, Filip Miletic wrote:
Greetings everyone.

Could someone offer a piece of advice. I built dia 0.91 from source,
with --enable-gnome. When the program starts up, the following cryptic
messages appear. (see below)

Did you try one of the 0.92 prereleases?  They would put new things into
your ~/.dia/diarc which the older version don't understand.  We ought to
switch the prefs to XML, to avoid this kind of problem.

As a side issue, when I try to use text tool, the letters come out
teensy-weensy and there is no way to change the size. They remain
unreadably small under any size. If I zoom to maximum, glyphs begin to
appear, but very tiny. May the two problems be related?

You've probably upgraded to Pango 1.2.4 or higher, which triggers this bug
in Dia.  It's fixed in the 0.92 prereleases.


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