Re: Dia API documentation

On 11 Oct 2003, Daniele Pighin wrote:

Hallo, I'm trying to put my nose into the UML code to see whether it is
possible to make UML objects behave somewhat like other objects (for as
concernes stroke, line colour and so on...).

Wonderful!  This has been necessary for a long time.

First, is it possible ?

It's non-trivial right now.  What's mainly missing is something that can
replace the list widgets used by UML class.  There was work on it some time
ago, but I haven't heard news from that lately.  Try searching the list
archives for PROP_LIST.  Maybe you can group together to tackle this problem.

And if it is, where can I find some documentation about dia API?

Prime places are in the source and on the Dia TWiki
<>.  Feel free to update
the TWiki as you learn stuff.


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