Re: solaris sparc perfomance

On 6 Oct 2003, Dmitry Perfilyev wrote:

I have a Sun Ultra5/sparc 400MHz with 256Mb and dia (<=0.92-pre4)
perfomanceon it is rather bad on ever not very complex diagrams.
For example - autodial diagram on autodial itself:      (~190Kb)     (~7Kb)

I mean slow for scrolling page and moving big objects with
many connections. Though small objects with single connection
moved quickly.
Is my hardware weak or may be something in configuration ?
What recommended hardware configuration (sparc/intel) to run dia with 
about 50 class objects with many connections ?
Also very interesting if someone try to load  autodia.out.xml (above)
on own hardware and report for perfomance.

400MHz AMD K6, 386M mem.  Scrolling at 100% zoom there's a slight delay
after moving the mouse.  At 50% zoom, there's several seconds delay.  I
believe this is the same as 0.91, caused by the non-cached rendering with
Pango.  It's not going to be better in 0.92, but it's really high on the
list for 0.93.


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