Re: inputting greek text

On 3 Oct 2003, Joshua Haberman wrote:
I have been having good experiences with Dia in the last few weeks.  I
have been using it to create diagrams for my senior thesis in computer
science and also for an introduction to the Arch revision control
system [1].

Glad you like it.

For the latter I would like to create a text label containing a
lowercase greek delta.  I don't have a lot of experience with
internationalization and alternate character sets, but I found the
Character Map application (I'm using RedHat 9) which let me find a font
that has a good greek delta.  I had it copy a delta to the clipboard.  I
attempted to paste that into Dia, but it would always take my CTRL+V to
mean "paste whatever objects were last copied to the clipboard in dia."

I read around some more and discovered that the default input method for
GTK 2.0 will let you use CTRL+SHIFT+Numbers to input a unicode character
by code.  This works in GTK textboxes, but not with a Dia label.

Indeed.  Plans are to replace the Dia label input method with GTK textboxes
to get around this.

How should I go about inputting a greek delta in Dia?

Select a Dia label, then select "Edit->Paste Text".  Voila.


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