dia & hpgl

Dear developer-people

I have a sekonic SPL-430 Plotter.
I have try to plot a file generated by dia exported to hpgl.
I have the file send to the stdout (/dev/lp0)
My Plotter normaly understand this.

If i make this: echo "PD;PA5000,4000;PU;" > /dev/lp0
then my plotter draw a line.
So my plotter normaly works fine.
But the output of dia get some errors.
Frist i get with DT;LBHELLO WORLD;
Next Error is that my plotter can handle A3 and A4, but the DIA output
are verry big and cuted from plotter.

Also i think there fail some feature like spezial commands for spezial

My plotter draw allone a circle and can draw allone a arc.
It will be nice if in the export dialog will be a formular to switch
between some features and plotter commands.
I think several plotters support several commands.
I will help in this case if i can and if any body want.
My english is not the best but this shold not be a problem. 


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