Re: SVG, autodia and SQL ( was various bits of digest, Vol 1 #801)

On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 09:55, Aaron Trevena wrote:
Sorry I don't use E-R diagrams, I (and pretty much every programmer I know
who deals with database schemas) uses a variation of the class diagram.


It is now - I just released version 1.6 which will take either SQL or a
DBI DSN and slurp out the information.... you can easily add any extra
types to the list in the Autodia::Handler:SQL module.


For my next trick I will add dia to SQL support to autodia and
possibly even dia to DBI which would just magically create your database
for you. I already read in dia files so this shouldn't be hard

The problem has entered a new domain: the inability of Dia's UML
shapeset to express what DBAs want to express.

The UML shapes don't take into account, eg indexes on tables, so I use
the Class "operations" for that, which is counterintuitive but has a
nearly 1->1 mapping of fields onto what I want for indexes.

It's also not clear how to include say a list of default rows for tables
(a very useful construct which even most commercial products don't seem
to include), so I use... I can't even remember which UML object, to
represent that.

The list goes on and on.

gone in this direction yet for fear of treading on other peoples toes, but
it can probably be justified now as more people would find autodia useful
if it could do everything both ways (i.e. perl to dia to perl and dbi to
dia to sql, etc)

Ping me when you decide to do this. Might be worth the effort to make
tedia2sql a module of Autodia. I like the idea of merging projects. (Who
knows...? maybe one day Autodia & tedia2sql will be Dia plugins!)

Tim Ellis
Senior Database Architect and author, tedia2sql (
If this helped you,

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