Re: terminate version 0.88 with extreme prejudice

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Alan Horkan wrote:

Terminate version 0.88 with extreme prejudice

I have every intention of treating any futher reports against 0.88 with
extreme prejudice.  I like bug hunting and crashing stuff but sorting and
marking duplicates is just a waste of time.

When i am a little less annoyed in intend to track down whoever is filing
bug buddy reports as Unknown bugzilla and politely but firmly tell them
to not to do so.

I plan to close all the bug reports against 0.88 that cannot be
replicated, or those that have been in NEEDINFO state for a long time.

Hear, hear!  0.88 is >2 years old and really, really bad.

Expect similar treatement of 0.90 whenever we get 0.92 possibly before

I don't think we should off 0.90 so easily, if nothing else because it's
the last Gtk 1.2 version.  Many systems are going to be slow about
upgrading Gtk, so handling 0.90 is going to be important for a while yet.


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