Re: Unable to open dia 0.91 in WinXP

Hi Jerold,

I just installed the latest version of dia 0.91 using
the win32 installer on WinXP.

I get the following error when I launch dia. (which
runs the .bat file)

warning: failed to load external entity "<null>"

As the message says, this is a warning, not an error. I hope that
dia is still running. In this case, just minimize the console and
continue working. The problem is that the 0.91 installer build of dia is 
mixing c-runtimes, this will hopefully be fixed in the future. For the time
being, people have to live with the annoying messages. I'm sorry
for that.

If dia is not working: Which version of dia did you install before?
Could you try an uninstallation (please make sure that everything
get's uninstalled) and re-installation?


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