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Le Thu, Mar 27, 2003, à 04:15:30PM +0100, Jeroen ten Berge a écrit:

I'm at work and forced to use outlook with exchange, so I'm the one 
having a crappy MUA, sorry ;-)

Bummer. Not your fault indeed; I'll try to be careful in threads you're 
involved  in.

define their own) shapes anymore.
So if i understand correctly, the shapes are not defined using a 
subset of the DIA DOM ?

Well, I've got a bit of a barbarian approach to XML terminology, but indeed, 
shapes don't follow the same DTD as regular dia files. They're rather a thin 
coating of dia-specific metadata around SVG (we have another DTD in use, for 
(less code, better code).
Probably, sounds like there's a lot to do on that... Interested in helping 
with that ? I now all about SVG1.1 DOM, so i can help with that, now there 
are more basic shapes than before...

I'm interested in helping, no doubt. As for actual capability (time & etc)
for more C than English, that's another story... 
How old and widespread is SVG1.1? It may pay off for the moment to remain
quite conservative in the export code (while of course, I see no reason to
not support the latest and greatest on the import side).

I suggest you have a close look at plug-ins/svg-(imp|exp)ort and
objects/shapes, so you have a rough idea of what's out there, before we
start talking about repainting the sky in blue (not that I'd mind seeing
some blue sky sometimes).

        -- Cyrille


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