Re: WMF export on Linux

Le Mon, Mar 24, 2003, à 05:12:16PM -0800, ALeX Julien a écrit:
Hard as I've tried, my team mates are still using Ms Word + Visio,
while I'm on OpenOffice + Dia. Everything works quite fine still, but
PNG is not the best format if they need to modify something on my
exported DIAgrams.

AFAIK, Dia/win32 does WMF out of the -er- installer, but I'm on
Linux. While my team mates get back from the dark side of the force,
is there a way to get the wmf plugin to work on Linux? Or maybe a
fine external converter from DXF/EPS/CGM (vector) formats to WMF/EMF?

The WMF export uses the Win32 API, which is obviously unavailable on
non-Win32 platforms (unless we wanted to require libwine linked into dia,
which I think is out of question).

One way of solving the problem would be to write ANOTHER WMF export plug-in
(which would *not* be compiled on Win32), using libwmf. for the *nix
platforms. On Win32, I don't see the point of using an emulation library
when you have the real thing in the first place.

(I just checked the libwmf-bin which is on my system, it does have wmf2svg &
al, but unfortunately for you not the other way around)

        -- Cyrille


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