Re: Dia internals

On Sat, 22 Mar 2003, Russell Shaw wrote:
I'm trying to see how dia works using gdb/ddd to learn something
about graphics programming and object-oriented techniques in C.

I compiled it with CFLAGS=-ggdb and can step thru the
source code with ddd.

How do i get dia into synchronous mode when using ddd?
Where is the call-back function for the File|New menu
so that i can set a breakpoint there?
I'm using debian-2.4.20 and gvim.

If you use ctags, you can easily find your way from the app/menus.c uses of
the call-backs to the actual functions.  Most are in app/commands.c or

Note that since the plug-ins (a goodly chunk of the code) is dynamically
linked, you can't set breakpoints for those parts before they're loaded.
There's a dummy function call (which is no longer optimized away) called
debug_break() that will let you break after all plug-ins are loaded.


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