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Hi guys,

I have been doing some more work on autodia since my last announcement -
in case you didn't catch the news elsewhere : there is a new stable
release and pre-release of Autodia.

You can find version 1.4 and 1.5pre at http://droogs.org/autodia/ as

Version 1.4 now provides better support for GraphViz and VCG as well as
Dia - It also has had plenty of patches for the C++ and Perl Handlers

Version 1.5pre now has a reasonably good DBI handler that allows you to
fetch a schema straight from a database connection and create a diagram of
the tables, fields and relationships, and a very very experimental SQL
Handler that does the same with SQL files. A couple of patches have also
been applied to the C++ and Perl handlers.

The full release of 1.5 will happen once I get some feedback on the
pre-release and test it some more.

1.6 should hopefully include support for fetching files from CVS
repositaries and outputing to ArgoUML and hopefully even taking Dia files
as input and generating GraphViz, VCG or ArgoUML. This will probably be
along late april or may.



Aaron J Trevena - Perl Hacker, Kung Fu Geek, Internet Consultant
AutoDia --- Automatic UML and HTML Specifications from Perl, C++
and Any Datasource with a Handler.     http://droogs.org/autodia

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