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On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, James K. Lowden wrote:

I've got pre4 working!  It's a real step up from 0.88.  Now, a few simple
questions, if I may.  

1.  How is the menu font chosen?  My menu is really tiny, 6 or 8 points,
I'd say.  Do I have to set my X server to "know" I'm running 100 dpi?
Old GTK apps looked fine, but Dia and Bluefish are now very hard to read.
On my RH box -- which runs in 800x600 on a 15" monitor, approximately 72
dpi -- everything looks fine.  My NetBSD workstation runs 1280x1024 on a
19" monitor and represents itself as 75 dpi (according to xdpyinfo) but
in reality is more like 120.  Does Dia/GTK2/Pango pay attention to that

Dia doesn't know anything about those things.  If your X thinks it's 75
dpi, that'd be the place to start fixing.  Gimp user setup has a nice
dialog for figuring out actual DPI.  Don't know what GTK cares about this
-- the other place to look is probably font-config.

2.  Does this message matter?  "Could not find plugin init function in
`/usr/local/lib/dia/'"  (I could just kiss the guy who
made dialog box messages selectable for the clipboard.)  

It means there's a broken xslt plugin installation lying around.  Not to
worry, unless of course you want to use XSLT.
The selectable messages is a GTK2 thing.

3.  How do I teach Dia that "netscape" is not the way to launch a browser
on my system?  

export BROWSER=foo

I'm sorry if these questions have been asked and answered before.  I read
the list regularly, but searching the archive for "font" is like
searching the New York Times archive for Iraq these days.



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