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On 4 Mar 2003, Zhang Lin-bo wrote:
I'd like to make two comments about properties editing
in dia-0.91:

1. Does it make sense to provide to users the ability
to specify, when editing the properties of a group
of objects, whether they want the intersection
of the sets of properties (properties common to
all objects in the group, which is the current
behaviour of dia), or the union of all properties?
I think the latter sometimes is also useful.

The latter would indeed be useful.  However, the sheer number of properties
involved could be overwhelming.  Some clearer organization would be

2. When changing properties while several objects
are selected (but not grouped), the changes only
apply to the first object. Isn't it more reasonable
to apply changes to all objects selected?
This way people won't need to group a set of
objects only for changing some common properties
of them.

This is a confusing behaviour that will be fixed in 0.92 (Big UI Upgrade


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