Re: prerelease 4

On Sun, 02 Mar 2003 09:01:29 -0600, Lars Clausen <lrclause cs uiuc edu>
On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, James K. Lowden wrote:
checking for FT_Init_FreeType in -lfreetype... no
configure: error: Can't find FreeType library

$ pkg_info -L freetype2 |grep lib

I'm suspecting that them being in /usr/pkg/lib is what confuses
configure. You can check that by looking at config.log and see what the
failed test looks like.  

Thanks, Lars.  I think you're right, config.log says:

configure:9485: checking for FT_Init_FreeType in -lfreetype
configure:9516: gcc -o conftest -g -O2   conftest.c -lfreetype   >&5
ld: cannot find -lfreetype
configure:9519: $? = 1
configure: failed program was: ... #provides the C that failed to compile.

I can compile the test and run it, this way:

$ gcc -o conftest -g -O2 -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib -Wl,--export-dynamic
-L/usr/pkg/lib   conftest.c -lfreetype
$ ./conftest # no output, no complaints.  

Ah, now I figured out how to tell AC_CHECK_LIB to use other
libs.  Try this patch and let me know if it works:

I can't use your patch because complains about missing automake
(also installed).  But one thing at a time.  Let me see if I can patch
configure directly.  



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