Feature Suggestion: Links to other files

Greetings all,

Sorry for diving straight in with a suggestion, but I couldn't find it in
the archives, and it is one feature that could be very useful. (It is
something I would use regularly).

The suggestion is to allow a shape to reference (or link) to another
arbitrary file.

This would be useful in cases where additional clarification documents are
available. For example, a use case in one diagram could reference another
diagram stored in a separate file showing the data flow or similar.

If the type of file is not constrained, it could also be used to reference
other files (e.g. requirement documents). Obviously the appropriate
application to handle the file in question would need to be available.

If possible, the referenced filename should be stored using a path
relative to the dia document in which the reference appears. This would
allow situations where a complete set of documentation could be copied
from one location to another without affecting the file linkages

Does anyone else believe this would be a useful feature, or am I the only


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