Re: bug in dia (windows 2000, dia Version 0.9)

On 31 Jan 2003, Lars Clausen wrote:


Image transparency is no easy thing.  In CVS, I've managed to get it for
the PNG export, but I don't know enough PostScript to do it for eps (or for
printing, for that matter).  Any PostScript experts around, please speak up.

Funny, i was gonna file a bug about this too.
Normally I would use a white background when exporting to PNG but when i
am exporting to .shape files, it would save me quite a bit of effort if
the background transparent not white.
(i considered writing some gimp scripts to automate the cleanup i like to
do to Dia icons but simple transparency in Dia would be very useful).

I had better go compile the prerelease and give it a try ...


Alan Horkan

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