Re: resizing objects fails

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Jan Kester wrote:
I would say wrapping. If all the sizes are adapted automatically by the
amount of text, you get a very odd looking diagram. Boxes should all be
equal size, font size should remain the same as well to create a nice
diagram. I really like it the way visio does it (which I guess is a good
example for the dia-project).

Not having access to a Visio here:  What does it do when there's more text
in the box than will fit?  Extend it vertically?


Regards, Jan

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On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Jan Kester wrote:
The problem is that the relative sizes of the boxes is difficult to
control.  If one box contains a lot of text and the other little, they
will have different sizes. I'd rather have equal sized boxes, some with
lots of texts, some with little.

Do you mean boxes with equal width, where word-wrapping occurs, or boxes
of the same size where the font size shrinks if the text is too large?


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