Re: Keyboard shortcuts

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, brain artax karlin mff cuni cz wrote:

Could you please add more keyboard shortcuts into DIA? Your program is
really cool, but clicking on toolbox or finding tools in menu is terribly
slowing down work. I mean something like in Gimp, T switches to text
tool, R is rectangular select, etc. When I work with Gimp I barely click
into toolbox, most of the operations I invoke by keyboard. Another useful
feature would be scrolling with middle button down and mouse movement ---
same as in Gimp or Links :)

Like Gimp, Dia allows you to set keyboard shortcuts yourself by pressing
the appropriate key(s) while the menu item is selected.  We're going to
look closer at shortcut for the next release (0.92), once text editing is a
separate mode.


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